Departmental Process Review:


At Comcate, we are committed to being a strong partner.  We work to help agencies achieve their community goals, and they in turn push us to continue driving product development to enable their next sets of goals.


As part of the continuous improvement, we have jointly developed with our agency partners a departmental process review. This review starts with our meeting key department members including management, frontline staff, supervisors and supporters and discussing how they engage citizens.


Some sample questions and information asked for departmental process review:

  • How do you handle requests via phone, email, social media, text?
  • Provide sample reports used to track activitiy
  • How do you manage escalated requests?
  • How do you track the response


Based on these meetings, and our knowledge of best practices learned from working with hundreds of other agencies, we share specific recommendations on how to put in place infrastructure (technology and processes) to better manage requests.  This can include integrating with other applications, promoting the process, and changing internal actions.


Some of the findings from this process include:

  • At one client, staff was wasting huge amounts of time and money by logging phone calls in a very expensive enterprise asset management system.
  • Frontline staff at another agency had different ways of handling the same type of request. One would email a supervisor, the other would provide written documentation. In both cases, there was not a consistent way to follow up on the status.
  • At another client, staff was not consistent in their response to citizens — varying it even for the same issue. Sometimes they would respond with an email and sometimes with a voicemail but it was inconsistent.


The department process review does not take a long time but can provide valuable insight and areas for improvement.


Feel free to reach out if you would like more background on this program.


New Comcate Clients:


We would like to welcome the following clients.

City of Fort Pierce-ACM
City of Fredonia – CEM
City of Greensburg- Code Enforcement



Dave Richmond

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