Happy Holidays & A Look Back at 2017


As we look back on the past year, we are grateful for the successes, and we wish you and your team the same as you embark on 2018.


Over the past year, we signed 26 agreements, launched a new on-line citizen portal to support Kentucky’s HB422 legislation, and pushed dynamic reporting to production. This, of course, was done while supporting our existing clients and responding to various requests.


One of our ongoing commitments – now in 2017 and into 2018 – is to be a source of valuable information for clients and prospects.


During 2017, new features such as Dynamic Reporting and HB422 Module provided important information to clients and citizens. Client services delivers support, learning and best practices to clients on a continuous basis. New features, sharing information through learning and providing best practices are part of the way we support our clients.


New Features

We are happy to report our dynamic reports are being rolled out to clients, and we are happy to hear positive feedback. Next year, we are increasing our investment in the product in order to deliver more to you, the client, faster and more efficiently. Take a look:


New Dynamic Analytical Reports


Valuable Information

For clients, we are committed to providing information and sharing best practices through emails and case studies as well as training agency staff. Our execution of more than four webinars on various topics during the year is another way we’ve been able to share valuable information with you. Participation in each was strong and increased over time as we refined topics and made continuous improvements to how we communicated this educational content.


Recently, we held an Abandoned Vehicle Abatement webinar and the Lieutenant from the City of Vallejo joined the session to include a very illuminating case study on their experience. Given the feedback and interest in educational topics, you can expect to see more from us next year.


We look forward to working together in 2018. Helping you solve important problems in your organization and delivering more value to you where you need our assistance is a priority for us.


Thanks for making 2017 a terrific year! Let’s make 2018 even better.


Dave Richmond

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