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Responses to a Gallup poll show that vacationing is highest in July and August.  This doesn’t seem like a surprise to me.

What it does mean is that organizations need to think ahead and prepare for people being out of the office.

The Town of Collierville’s Mayors Action Center is a great example of providing customer support regardless of who is in the office. The system is available 24/7 and will automatically route cases to different employees when the primary contact is out of the office on vacation.

Here is a video about Collierville’s Mayors Action Center created by the City of Collierville:


Our tools are designed to make sure critical requests don’t slip through the cracks and important issues are easily submitted to the agency for prompt follow up.

We are working with clients to improve support across different channels including web, phone and mobile devices.

Recently the City of Rocklin, CA and Radcliff, KY launched new mobile apps. Both of these agencies wanted to make it easier for citizens and staff to submit requests in the field and get feedback. GIS technology automatically identifies the location of the request and users can easily select the issue and track the status. In addition, agencies can configure the app to allow access to the city web pages at a click of the button.

Comcate Citizen Mobile Access:

  • Citizens use their smartphones to point, click and submit feedback
  • Photos and notes to illustrate issues can be submitted with case
  • Location of issue is auto-assigned with GIS integration
  • Case is automatically entered into City’s request management system
  • Citizen can check on status of case from their smartphones
  • City Council and City Management stay informed on issues
  • Communication improves citizen satisfaction and engagement

Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!

And as ever, please call me anytime with questions about how Comcate can help you improve your citizen engagement: (415) 632-1248.

Dave Richmond


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