ICMA e-Government Survey Highlights

The ICMA recently released its 2017 egovernment survey, its first major update since 2011. Survey highlights include:

  • Local government continued to expand online services
  • Access to forms and GIS mapping and data are very popular
  • Outsourcing to Vendors has become more popular than purchasing programs
  • Increasing in use is payment of fees, submission of applications and licenses


The biggest two challenges to adopting new programs is a lack of financial resources, and staff resistance to change.


At Comcate we have had hundreds of successful implementations. We have developed specific strategies to respond to agency budgets and staff adoption. Please contact me directly at dave@comcate.com to discuss these strategies.


Click this link to download the survey highlights.


We welcome the following new clients:

City of Texas City-CEM
City of Westminster-CEM
Eddy County-PIM
La Palma-CEM


Thanks for your support,

Dave Richmond

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