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Kick Off Budget Season the Right Way


Tis the season for agency budgeting. So we thought now would be great time to share some past work from the International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) PM Magazine: they put together a 6-step, “systems approach” to organizing the budgeting process. Their framework aligns nicely with what we’ve seen in our own partner agencies. 

6 Steps to Agency Budgeting:

Input – gathering feedback from all stakeholders

Preparation – an audit of needs and wants versus historical data

Output – available funding versus allocation of resources

Feedback – gaining approval and insight from all those impacted

Operating Environment – influential assessment by political, economic, social and legal environments

Future – forward thought process and momentum

To read the full article click here.


Citizen Engagement Impact Framework To Help Organize Action


Do you have ideas to communicate with your community members but need help deploying technology that will create better efficiencies? 

Start with defining how you and your organization view citizen engagement and why it is important; this will help you develop more effective strategies. TransformGov.Org has published an executive summary on their recent research on the benefits and impacts an organization can have on its community when the parameters are clearly defined and everyone is executing effectively.

Get the summary here.


Looking to Implement Single Sign On?

Comcate is implementing a single sign on (SSO) option that makes it even easier to access our code management technology. 
Comcate client Santa Clara Valley is using SSO to support their customer service staff, and realizing value in three key areas:

  1. Security: Entering using credentials once into a centralized SSO server prevents credentials from being cached by each service, and reduces phishing risks.
  2. Resource savings: IT administrators save time and effort by centralizing authentication management in a single location.
  3. User experience: Allowing users to seamlessly and securely move between services, without reentering their credentials, cuts down on wasted effort, and makes for happier users.

Stay tuned for more use cases.

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