Comcate’s newest technology solves parental concerns at 6th largest school district.


Oakland, California – February 1, 2017 – Comcate is proud to announce that it has successfully implemented the award winning CRM product for the sixth largest school district in the US – Clark County School District.


Clark County School District consists of more than 335 schools, 35,000 staff members and more than 300,000 students. Comcate was brought in to provide a CRM solution and a framework for the district to make data-driven decisions using one centralized customer service solution to manage all escalated parent-issues across departments.


For more than three years, The Clark County School District conducted extensive research regarding implementing a CRM solution for their constituents. At the time, the District had no centralized CRM system to manage/track escalated parent issues; or any streamlined customer service processes across various departments. At the conclusion of the search, the district selected Comcate based on the successful CRM implementation in the City of Henderson. David Richmond, Comcate’s CEO said, “The Clark County School District chose our solution because they had heard of our track record of delivering and implementing internal and external applications. We are proud to partner with Clark County specifically for this reason.”


Throughout the last six months, Clark County School District has logged more than 25,000 inbounds calls, created more than 2,000 cases and resolved more than 95 percent of the cases. Citizens are reporting exponentially more efficient resolution times and managers are finally able to have global oversight of their staff activities. Most importantly, streamlining the District’s processes using a CRM has resulted in smooth workflow that prevents issues from falling through the cracks, thus increasing customer service.


In 2000 Comcate was founded with the help of retired city managers and Silicon Valley technologists who had a vision for improved workflows and greater efficiencies within public agencies. With close access to the customer base, our team developed software exclusively for this environment and continues to develop best practices that extend the value of the Comcate platform. Today, Comcate is a leader in providing SaaS-based solutions for governments and local municipalities to effectively execute and manage crucial programs, dedicated to enabling local agencies to better manage their assets and serve local citizens through program-based solutions. See more at:

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