Unless your residents are remodeling their home or building a new one, they may not think about the building codes that ensure that their home or business is in a safe structure.


National Building Safety Month is sponsored by the International Code Council, and it provides your community with an opportunity to get your residents thinking about building safety. It can help residents become more aware of the considerations that go into protecting them in daily life, but also in the event of a fire or an earthquake, among other events. It can also build awareness, encouraging citizens to report safety violations when they spot them.


There are many ways to celebrate, so consider including one of the following ideas in your city:

  • Set up an information booth at the local library or hardware store, with demonstrations and giveaways.
  • Visit local schools and give presentations to students and teachers. For a more inclusive community event, schedule it for the weekend and invite all residents.
  • Schedule a radio or television appearance for your code enforcement manager to talk about the ways that building safety impacts life.
  • Announce National Building Safety Month in the newspaper, with a few facts about building safety.


Ultimately, however, building safety must be a priority all year. Comcate’s Building Safety Manager is a tool that eliminates your backlog and increases efficiency with modern technology. Customized reporting features equip your managers with the information they need to detect trends in code enforcement cases and get precise details about how resources are being used.


The Building Safety Manager also improves accountability among your inspectors and other staff. The software tracks all activity relating to any case, whether it is an action item performed by one of your staff or an inquiry by a citizen via phone, website or walk-in. The software makes it possible for you to track all activities and determine which behaviors lead most consistently and quickly to a resolution. You can then establish a set of standards that are useful for training and measuring improvement among your inspectors.


Comcate’s Building Safety Manager is also fully-equipped with mobile technology. Community residents can download an app for easy reporting of code violations. As the case moves through to resolution, they can receive automatic updates of the processing of their request. The user-friendly interface provided by Comcate promotes engagement among your citizens.


Likewise, mobile technology keeps your inspectors out in the field. GIS mapping capabilities allow for efficient routing of cases, and notices can be printed from a tablet or laptop on site.


Take time this month to educate your residents about the importance of building safety with National Building Safety Month. Perhaps more importantly, though, take a minute to consider how Comcate could equip you to protect your residents. Give us a call and let’s talk about how the Building Safety Manager could provide you with the solution you need.

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