Comcate has been working to improve engagement in your community, through the communication channels that your citizens find most convenient. We have watched communication channels expand from phone and in-person to include mobile phones, email, and social media. The fastest growing channel is engagement with smart phone.


Comcate has updated and improved its Citizen Mobile App to better serve your community. We listened to the concerns of your citizens and staff to make the Citizen Mobile App a more powerful tool to facility citizen and staff engagement.

Here are a few of the highlights of the new Citizen Mobile App:


An improved home screen: The new Citizen Mobile App has better functions for submitting a new request and viewing older requests. There are also additional ways for customers to create a new account on the mobile application.


“About your city:” A new feature allows users to connect information about what’s going on in your community, such as meetings, special events, news and updates.


Nearby requests: A user logging in to report a problem can check the “nearby requests” screen to see if a duplicate or similar problem has been reported. This feature is optional for each agency using it. You can turn it on or off depending on whether you think it will fit your needs. This function cuts down on the number of duplicate requests your office receives, improving efficiency and productivity in your department.


Upload multiple photos: Sometimes, one picture simply doesn’t capture the entire story. The new Citizen Mobile App gives users the ability to upload multiple pictures from their phones.


Improved branding: Just like any product or company, your agency has a brand. You know the look and feel you want for your communications. With the new Mobile App, you have improved branding capabilities for carrying your look and feel across every interaction with your customers.


At Comcate, your opinions are important for creating the best tools for supporting your community. The Citizen Mobile App has been significantly improved, based on your concerns and suggestions, to take engagement to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.



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