The advances in mobile technology mean that residents are increasingly accustomed to the convenience of mobile interactions for solving all types of problems and needs. With the Citizen Mobile App from Comcate you’ll significantly boost citizen engagement as you use mobile technology to involve your citizens in the process. There are also many benefits of utilizing mobile technology for your staff.  Here are a few of the ways it will improve the effectiveness of your staff:


  1. Your staff becomes the eyes and ears of the community. Mobile access means that your staff no longer needs to return to the office to enter information into your system or collect their route for the next set of assignments. Instead, they are out in the community, keeping a close watch on all types of activities.


  1. Staff members can add details that the agency can view in real time. Your staff has the ability to snap pictures and add notes to a case that can be immediately viewed by other users.


  1. Staff can use smartphones to point, click and submit issues quickly and efficiently. If you’re still handing out digital cameras to your field personnel, or even if they are using a smartphone to email field photos, it’s time for a mobile app. Your staff will gain important efficiencies when you use Comcate’s mobile technology.


  1. City Council and City Management stay informed on issues. Mobile technology means that more people are able to collaborate and discuss any particular situation. Instead of reviewing lengthy reports, city officials can get on an app and quickly see indicators of how things are progressing around your city.


  1. Staff build an interactive relationship with citizens around issues of importance to the community. The ability to communicate and gain insight into citizens’ priorities is valuable for city staff struggling to meet expectations on a limited budget. You’ll learn what’s important to your citizens and effectively communicate the message that you’re working for them.


  1. Streamline operations and reduce costs in your department. Automated routing and notifications keep your field personnel moving efficiently through their assigned jobs, and you’ll significantly reduce operating costs as a result. Streamlined processing helps you improve your ability to move quickly through citizen requests. Communication also improves, with collaboration happening right in the system through mobile access.


  1. Identify areas of concern in your community by viewing nearby requests. You may notice if there are a high number of code violations on one block, for instance, but Comcate takes this further with the ability to view nearby requests when you are working on a job. You’ll start to identify trends in your neighborhoods, making it easy to analyze where your resources are being used and determine how to prioritize your projects.


If citizen engagement is a priority for your city, or if you are looking for easy ways to improve your efficiency and routing among your field personnel, take a look at Comcate’s Citizen Mobile Access.

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