Your agency can utilize reporting for detailing your everyday operations and for broader demonstration of effectiveness of various programs. Your decisions and processes are also increasingly reviewed by policy makers and by your constituents, leading to requests for additional information. Reporting tools can help assess your programs and demonstrate your progress both internally and externally.


At Comcate we work closely with departments, like yours, to define goals and help develop strategies that achieve your goals. Once you have determined your goals and objectives, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) support efficient evaluation of your progress relative to your goals. The reporting of KPIs supports your progress as you move toward your goals.


When establishing KPIs, it’s best to start with a small number, determining which indicators are most likely to predict success. For instance, any department in your municipality that receives customer inquiries, complaints or requests will benefit from measuring the time between the customer’s inquiry and the completion of the case. Once you begin measuring the time elapsed, you can begin working on action items to improve the response time.


Our Dynamic Analytical Reporting supports your organization’s strategic actions and reports on KPIs. Here are a few examples of how data in Dynamic Analytical Reporting serves your department:
• Demonstrates progress relative to goal achievement
• Measures improvement from one period to the next
• Measures improvement in discrete staff behaviors and actions
• Identifies changes in processes that either help or hurt KPI progress


Our reports are uniquely designed for customization in your department, making it easy for you to measure your actions against your KPIs. As a result, your organization is better able to evaluate a particular strategy’s effectiveness and whether it is promoting the achievement of your goals.


Users can access critical metrics and analytics in real time, allowing accurate data-driven analysis and measurement of activities. Users can also organize reports based on a variety of categories, including cases, employees, customers, violations or permits, in addition to many other choices, and then add in other information related to each category before reporting on activities.


With Dynamic Reporting, we provide the tools you need to improve your processes and meet your goals. When it’s time to report on your department’s activities and your progress toward a goal, you’ll be ready with Dynamic Reporting to clearly demonstrate your effective management of resources and progress related to your goals.

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