As you compete for state and federal resources with other local government services, as well as work to earn the trust of your citizens, there is increasing pressure to produce easily digestible information about the use of your resources. Your department requires reporting that is accurate, accessible and customizable. Producing reports that document the effectiveness of your work is one of the fundamental ways that you earn the trust and loyalty of your community.


Comcate provides the very tools you need to produce reports that inform all stakeholders of your progress. Reporting allows you to view activities by staff and departments, broken down into daily, weekly and monthly periods.


When utilized as a part of your strategies, Comcate’s reporting features can provide access to data in a way that makes it easy to determine the effectiveness of a program. Using the reports, your executive team or elected officials have a convenient way to assess the program and change course or make adjustments as needed.


Reporting is also essential in situations in which you need to provide clear demonstration of the return on investment for a specific initiative supported by external parties. With Comcate’s reporting features, you’ll have no trouble making the argument for ongoing support on a project that’s meeting expectations.


For each role in a municipality, there are specific reporting options designed by Comcate to make the measurement of progress convenient and easy to read.


The executive team: This team tends to be focused on overall strategy and determining whether the allocation of resources aligns well with the predetermined priorities of the community leaders. Analytical reports from Comcate provide benchmarking data that assists managers and elected officials as they examine the effectiveness of a program.


Examples of reports valuable for the executive team:

  • Proactive enforcement campaign effectiveness
  • Case response time
  • Response time


Managers and department heads: For managers and department heads, the necessary reporting is a mix of analytical benchmarking and operational reports. These reports allow managers to provide key information to executives. Operational reports are also effective for evaluating specific business processes and change them as needed to meet goals established for the department.


Examples of reports valuable for managers and department heads:

  • Weekly activity reports for your staff
  • Case aging and open case reports
  • Audit tracking reports designed to measure staff activity within a specific application
  • Case resolution time across a variety of issues
  • Forms issued for any given period


Staff members: Managing case loads and ensuring that cases don’t fall through the cracks are two important concerns among staff members.


Examples of reports valuable for staff members:

  • Cases home page displays relevant information, including follow-ups and open cases, all visible in one location
  • Display all follow-ups on a map
  • Reports can be emailed to staff members listing open activities
  • Geographical reports to map follow-ups on a case route


Comcate is a valuable partner for your organization, creating easy ways for you to demonstrate the efficiency of your programs on an executive level, but also providing the necessary reporting to support daily activities that ensure your objectives are met.

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