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September 2014

Are Budget Cuts Creating Backlogged Building and Safety Inspections?

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Are you finding inspections are backlogged due to budget constraints? Do your processes lend well to paper piles instead of efficiency and closed cases?

In the aftermath of the economic downturn of 2008, there have been widespread budget cuts to federal, state and local governments. As a result, many city budgets have been trimmed by eliminating important services and significantly slowing the processes of other municipal departments. In fact, code enforcement personnel in cities like Cleveland and Detroit have been cut by 50 percent.

Often, the budget adjustments have made a serious impact in the area of building and safety inspections. Qualified inspectors require extensive training, but when it comes to building and safety issues, it is hard to put a price on a service that can mean life or death to residents.

In many cities, officials are noting a connection between a backlog in building and safety inspections and hazards that threaten citizens. In some cases, fatal fires or other tragedies can be traced to inspections that had not yet reached the top of the pile, despite the risks. Even important inspections that required a response within 24 hours have been pushed back beyond that timeframe.

One extreme situation is show in Nappa Valley where the recent earthquake caused a backlog of 800 cases and city officials are ill-equipped to even begin to wade through the pile of requests. While such events are not every day occurrences, the situation does demonstrate the significant challenges that can occur when manual systems are overloaded.

Instead of raising taxes to cover the cost of additional inspectors or depleting other municipal agencies, your city may be able to streamline processes and improve the backlog of inspections to be conducted. A proven mobile application can allow your municipal inspectors to manage cases, log inspection notes and details and receive reminders about next steps through a mobile device.

Through a downloaded app, local citizens can report zoning violations or safety concerns, then receive updates about the case they have reported. The technology allows your city to stay in touch with local officials to track progress where they live, work and play.

If your city is experiencing a backlog in safety and building inspections, don’t let budget cuts get in the way of your citizens’ safety and enjoyment of the community. Instead, check out the options available through Comcate to help your city prosper. With our streamlining mobile apps and software options, you can ensure that your inspectors have the tools they need to handle all of the safety and building issues that come your way.


Over the years, we have found that communities have various ways of defining building and safety programs. Comcate specializes in providing the framework so that those different programs in each community are supported.

You need the ability to determine whether your building and safety program is achieving its objectives and goals. Comcate’s Building and Safety Manager can help with defining goals for the department, provide configurable technology to support those goals and evaluation tools that allow careful analysis of the results.

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Comcate has designed software for the needs of Building and Safety Inspectors and Managers. Easy-to-use, mobile software ensures thorough and standardized inspections.

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The City of Henderson, the second largest city in Nevada, was going through a dramatic increase in new construction and city officials had concerns regarding the existing buildings. Using a fax and call-in code enforcement feature was time-consuming and inefficient. It also did not allow officials the ability to measure and report on important data associated with code enforcement, rendering them unable to set and track city goals.

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“Comcate has been a very reliable partner,” Jerry Trotter of the City of Henderson said. “They have continued to innovate with their product regularly, offering us more and more options. I believe it has been a good partnership – where we have been able to suggest upgrades and enhancements that they have implemented and shared with their other users – as we have benefited from their suggestions.”

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