The City of Duarte, California, experienced problems that are common for many local governments. Inefficiency, workarounds and paperwork dominated the processes in their code enforcement and animal control departments, rather than a streamlined set of procedures.


In the offices of Duarte, each officer had their own way of processing cases, resulting in inconsistencies. In addition, if an officer had a day off, they might receive phone calls from coworkers looking for information on their cases. Response time to residents was slow due to a heavy load of paperwork.


The staff of Duarte needed a solution. They wanted a user-friendly software solution that would streamline processes and allow their staff to work efficiently. Duarte chose Comcate because of its easy-to-learn programs and the staff training that Comcate provided.


With Comcate’s Code Enforcement Suite for Animal Control, Duarte improved response times to residents. The improved efficiency was partly due to the mobile technology that Comcate provides. Instead of traveling back and forth between the office and the field, officers could manage cases from the field and access the same information available at the office.


Larry Breceda, Public Safety Manager for Duarte, says that even during the transition to using Comcate, the Animal Control and Code Enforcement officers already experienced new levels of efficiency. “We give Comcate a lot of credit for an easy transition process,” said Breceda. “We’re still in the process of transitioning, but have already seen significant improvements. Officers were able to pick up animal control and code enforcement with no problems. Feedback from officers helped to decide what they liked and what worked best.”


Improving efficiency is necessary for Duarte. They have recently experienced a 50 percent increase in caseloads. However, with Comcate solutions helping them move through cases quickly, the City has even handled the increased work level with a reduced staff. Comcate’s solutions allow department management to track all officer activities out in the field and see the progression of each case.


As a result of the improvements for Duarte, Breceda wants other cities to consider Comcate, too. “I would highly recommend Comcate, especially for those with no database or an older database system,” Breceda said.



If your municipality is experiencing a heavy caseload, bogged down by paperwork and inefficient processes, consider the solutions Comcate provides. The transition to an online tool, complete with mobile technology, may seem like a big change. A big change may be just what your department needs.

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