• Posted On: April 07, 2015

City managers and authorities have a responsibility for staying on top of a wide array of issues. As cities grow there is new life, new revenue and new potential. But keeping up with the oversight can be challenging – especially for cities laboring with a legacy system for things like code enforcement. The good news is that until cities can adopt an across the board new system, new tools can interface and integrate with existing software.

One App in One Town
That is the story of Independence, Missouri where code enforcement agents found that a new code-inspecting tool was able to increase productivity by smoothly conforming to the pre-existing software environment. The new tool saved time and increased productivity.

The code inspection app allowed officers to take photos of identified properties with their phone. The phone’s GPS feature allowed that image and the pertinent information to slip easily into the city’s existing property records via the legacy software. City spokesmen say that the technology has saved the city over 1,500 man-hours of filing and documenting. Even in areas where cell coverage was spotty, the app was able to hold information offline.

Independence also reported being able to complete 20 percent more property inspections over prior years thanks to the code enforcement tool. Case completion means better citizen safety and satisfaction. It also means more collected fines. Speeding the front to back process benefits all parties.

Smart Leaders Look for Smart Answers
It doesn’t make sense to be paying code inspectors to match photos to property files in a musty office. Nor does it make sense to attend to fewer properties because the city can’t afford to hire more code enforcement officers. The answer is help the agents you do have to work more efficiently. One way to make that possible is to equip them with technology designed to perform support tasks.

This kind of tool makes it possible for phone pictures to upload directly into the city system and integrate into the legacy technology. Many cities find themselves in a situation where they are not ready to replace the legacy system but need to improve in-the-field efficiency. This kind of app can conceivably pay for itself in a relatively short time frame.

So if your city is growing, but your workforce isn’t or if your code enforcement officers can’t keep up with demand it’s time to consider a new tool. At Comcate we specialize in developing software that supports the unique responsibilities of city leadership. We understand the pressures and demands and we have years of experience providing smart answers to those demands. We’ve helped cities from one end of the country to the other and we can help your community too. Check us out and see how we can improve performance and reduce the pressure.

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