My View – Why Animal Control Solutions Create Better Communities

20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDby Dave Richmond, Comcate CEO

Animal Control is important to ensure safety throughout a community. As much as citizens love their animals, there are others who fail to take responsibility for their four-legged friends or allow a pet to reproduce without control. At the same time, well-loved pets may go untethered on the street, causing panic among families when an unknown dog approaches a child (or an adult) and creates a dangerous situation.

Citizens have discussed concerns about their children’s safety in areas such as parks and schools where animals are running free. As a result, your animal control officers are kept busy tracking down these animals, containing them and then contacting their owners for proper retrieval. It’s a process that can take longer than necessary when efficiency and automation aren’t involved.

It’s not uncommon for well-meaning citizens to forget to chain a dog or to leave the door cracked, allowing a cat to run the streets. A common oversight, however, can quickly turn into an animal control nightmare when it isn’t controlled correctly. Are your officers spending more time processing paperwork than tracking down animals?

By supporting a program that not only educates but enforces the municipal codes, our clients can help provide a safer environment for their citizens. These activities also help to create a community that can focus on loving these animals instead of processing them. Comcate’s animal control solution is designed to do just that, providing you with the powerful tools you need to streamline your process and get back to enjoying your community.

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