20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDRapidly accelerating technology advancements and implementations can increase burdens on staff and also support increases in effectiveness and efficiency. Code enforcement software can help reduce the former while you measure the benefits of the latter.

Code enforcement generates significant amounts of information. This can come from internal data and requests and a steady stream of citizen requests. The perfect storm can arise when your budget is tight, your staff is limited and citizens’ expectations rise.

In the code enforcement software industry, the common vendor promise is that you can find cost effective solutions that will streamline your processes. Don’t simply purchase a product that promises to be cost effective – look for the proof that it can address your specific needs to support staff, provide better information and provide a strong return on investment.

This proof is found in cases like the City of Rocklin, Comcate was able to put code enforcement technology in place that supports the collection of enforcement issues, management of cases including issuing notices and reporting of enforcement operations, and analytics to allow the agency to assess the effectiveness of programs. In doing so, Rocklin was able to improve efficiency and the bottom line.

Therefore, at the risk of sounding like every other vendor, Comate does offer a cost effective solution, but the benefit is available beyond just the cost. We’ll help you reduce your cost of operation, streamline your processes and improve reporting across the board. If you’re ready to challenge the hype, we’ll show you how. Give us a call today.

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