At any given time, you have access to a wealth of information and the ability to contact every person you’ve ever met sitting in your back pocket. The popularity of smartphones is largely due to their ability to access solutions to any problem, at any time.


Your citizens are accustomed to this high-connected life now, and if you aren’t offering a way for them to connect with your department via a mobile app, you’re likely missing opportunities for citizen engagement. From making dinner reservations to tracking exercise, smartphones are increasingly the hub of everyday life.


When you offer a solution like the Citizen Mobile Access from Comcate, you meet your citizens’ needs for a convenient way to interact with you. From their smartphones, your citizens can report a problem, including pictures and notes, check to see if there are nearby requests or a duplicate request and receive automatic notifications and updates on the issue.


Beyond just engaging you citizens you can also improve staff efficiency with our mobile app. Your staff will love the convenience of mobile access, too. They’ll experience improved efficiency in  scheduling and routing, records management, collaboration and reporting.


Take a look at the Citizen Mobile Access from Comcate. It will give your citizen engagement the boost you need and significantly reduce your costs with improved efficiency and streamlined routing capabilities.

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