20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDWith modern technology Americans are more connected, person to person, than ever before. Whether it’s through email, mobile phone, tablet or social media platforms people are talking more and sharing more than was even possible in the past. Even though those same channels make it possible for citizens to connect with local government, the disconnect people feel from city and state officials remains high. At Comcate we want to help repair that disconnect.

Through our specialized mobile app programs we offer the tools to empower local citizens by enhancing communication between citizens and government. Our simple-to-use app requires no special training to use. Yet, the opportunity they provide for local officials to improve efficiency and responsiveness are invaluable.

Our mobile app solution to fight graffiti is one example of our solution to help you provide outstanding service to your community. With it, citizens can quickly report any instances of graffiti that show up in their neighborhood. That report goes directly to officials who can respond in a timely manner. And when graffiti is dealt with promptly, other neighborhood declines can be halted. Citizens find that their voice really does make a difference because people in local government are listening.

Our graffiti-fighting solution will make it quick and simple for residents to take back control of their neighborhoods from those who deface public structures and lower citizen morale. We’ve helped numerous communities like yours rebuild the cooperation between citizen and government to ensure that city laws and ordinances aren’t just words on paper – but real action that improves daily living for residents.

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