My View – How Citizen Mobile Access Connects Communities

Citizen Mobile Access brings the strongest aspect of any community – its residents – into the mix to help solve issues and make neighborhoods safer and more enjoyable. To do so, this Comcate solution is designed to make communication and engagement easy by leveraging devices citizens use on a daily basis. Citizen Mobile App

According to Nielsen, the average time U.S. citizens spend on devices is increasing from 24 hours per month in 2012 to 36 hours per month from in 2014, which equates to almost a weeks’ worth of time. Citizens have stated in focus groups that they are interested in engaging with their community but they want it to be quick and easy.

Citizen Mobile Access supports this desire. Our apps are designed to allow citizens to quickly engage with their local agency and track the status of the request when relevant. By design we are not trying to do everything on the app, but instead focus on those activities and events that are top of mind for our clients and the citizens they serve.

Comcate works with each of its clients to customize the solutions that improve communication between city employees, elected officials and the people living in the community. While agencies have many fundamental programs that are the same, each community is different and they have a desire to create a unique look, feel and experience that reflects their community.

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