by Dave Richmond, Comcate CEO

Over the years, we have found that communities have various ways of defining building and safety programs. Comcate specializes in providing the framework so that those different programs in each community are supported.

You need the ability to determine whether your building and safety program is achieving its objectives and goals. Comcate’s Building and Safety Manager can help with defining goals for the department, provide configurable technology to support those goals and evaluation tools that allow careful analysis of the results.

One feature of Comcate’s Building and Safety Manager is the ability of your agency to schedule and manage inspections. For each property, the application will report the history of the inspection, with the status and results of each step displayed.

The application also allows for a custom inspection checklist. Because inspectors are often experts in a specific area, this feature ensures that all necessary items are addressed that may otherwise be missed.

We at Comcate are excited to support inspectors in the field as they track locations, upload photos and track inspections through a convenient app on their mobile device. With Comcate, your team can leverage the technology we offer to increase efficiency and overall effectiveness.

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