My View: Harnessing Big Data for Your Community

20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDWhen your agency is utilizing an integrated system with mobile technology, you have the ability to track every activity and behavior related to your processes. The data can be analyzed to determine trends and help you determine the effectiveness of your strategies. From a complaint entered on a smartphone app to a new business applying for a license, these activities allow you to see where new businesses are concentrated and where code violations are stacking up.


Trends can be analyzed and allow your department to identify current developments, but high-risk areas where, for instance, a rise in foreclosures could result in a high concentration of code violations and neglect. Armed with information gleaned from data, your decisions are based on the best insight about your community. You can prioritize investments and the efforts of your staff according to where it is most needed. Ultimately, harnessing Big Data for your community provides residents with the best services. Your department will be more in tune with what is important to citizens and you will be more able to explain how decisions are made to the public, resulting in buy-in from the community and a higher level of satisfaction.

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