Dave Richmond

At Comcate, we are focused on one thing: working with local municipal clients to help make the programs they manage more efficient and effective. We do this in many ways: through the expertise of our staff, sharing best practices across our several hundred clients and providing solutions and suggestions to maximize program effectiveness. At the same time, we do it through technology.

Comcate’s technology solutions are unique in the local municipal market because we understand the workflows of our customers better than anyone. Why? Because Comcate was founded by former municipal leaders. From the beginning our solutions have been built around the specific workflows and processes that municipalities use to manage their programs. As you’ll see in the case studies highlighted in this month’s newsletter, municipalities just like yours are finding new ways to streamline processes and eliminate waste to discover a more efficient way to manage programs.

Whether your agency is looking for solutions to help with citizen engagement, code enforcement, weed abatement, abandoned vehicles, permitting and inspections, or any of the dozens of other programs that Comcate’s solutions support, we are here to help make them more effective and more efficient. After all, if we can’t deliver efficiency through technology, we’re not doing our job or serving our clients.


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