20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDPermitting and building inspection services provides a critical function in communities. Issuing and managing permits is a detailed process and many agencies today still use paper, manual tracking and old technology, all of which can create backlogs, bottlenecks and unnecessary waste.
By applying modern technology to the permitting and inspection process clients are able to work more efficiently and reduce errors. Permits can be generated from a database and all information is tracked and available for research and reports. Utilizing our technology helps clients focus more time on helping its customers and less time on the process itself.
The inspection process is designed to ensure minimum standards. Our technology allows inspectors to track and report on inspections quickly and easily. Technology will help these services become easier to administer and allow cities to have improved records of what has been completed.
At Comcate, we are investing in the technology to allow a seamless experience for inspectors in the field and staff in the office, while also allowing data to be available instantly. If you’re ready to make these efficiencies a reality in your office, we’re ready to help you get started.

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