With hundreds of successful software implementations and 25,000 staff users across the country, Dave Richmond, Comcate CEO, understands how mobile technology can be a powerful tool for both productivity and citizen engagement.  What does he think are the benefits of mobilizing a local government workforce? Simple. Better service. Less cost.  The fact is, technology is empowering municipal workforces to be more productive than they ever were before.

A question many local governments ask me is: What does mobility mean?

In my view, mobility means:

  • Workers can spend more time in the field working high value activities and less time in the office doing paperwork.
  • Reducing the time spent on routine tasks such as inspections, service requests, case follow up and reporting.
  • Maximizing hardware and software purchases while reducing IT support time and cost.
  • Increased customer and staff satisfaction.

Mobility means empowering local governments around the country to increase operational efficiency, reduce IT costs, and improve service quality and compliance for it’s citizens.

Better service. Less cost.  The benefits of mobility should make going mobile an easy decision for any agency.  Contact us at Comcate to see how your community can start benefiting from mobility today.

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