20140820-112823-POR_RICHMONDWhen we work with local governments like yours, we know that the initial implementation of the Code Enforcement Suite can significantly change the processes in your office and out in the field. However, after you have realized the efficiency gained and the elimination of backlog in your department with a change to Comcate, it’s important to continue the process.


Many of our best practices for code enforcement are overlooked by managers and code enforcement officers. Your office may have nearly eliminated paper, and you may be enjoying a new level of citizen satisfaction with mobile technology and automatic updates, but don’t stop there.


Features such as case cloning are a game-changer when it comes to helping your code enforcement officers become more efficient. Rather than sitting at a desk or even at their mobile device on the job site entering data, your code enforcement officers can simply pull up a similar case and clone the data for more efficient case creation.


Reporting is another area that we see making a big impact when is utilized to optimize resource management and scheduling. When combined with GIS technology, the system is capable of tracking not only the time and other resources spent, but can also help managers predict trends in code violations and spending.


If you are already a Comcate client, you may enjoy reflecting on the progress your department has made with a successful Code Enforcement Suite implementation. However, don’t forget to look ahead and continue to implement these best practices for code enforcement into your daily activities.

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