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Mobile Inspectors Realize Big Gains

Did you know that Building Inspectors with wireless access can upload data on the spot and can shorten the time required to issue a work permit from three days to one?


Within the government sector, mobile applications are increasingly being used to support municipal compliance activities. Building inspectors are a perfect example. A municipality can improve the productivity of building inspectors by providing them with wireless access to the inspection system to help process inspections more effectively while in the field.


Tablets are so easy to use that they actually reduce data entry errors.  Eliiminating manual data entry from paper forms and inspection checklists is a huge time savings.  By streamlining inspections and simplifying the permitting processing, mobile inspectors can shorten the time required to issue a work permit from three days to one.


The Township of Pine, Pennsylvania has been live on Comcate’s software since November of 2013.  According to Larry Kurpakus, Director of Code Administration and Land Development, Pine’s “inspectors have become more efficient since they now have the ability to access all the project information and history of the property in the field from an ipad.” Additionally, “all the data entry for inspections and permitting can also be done by the inspector at time of inspection. Data entry and project research time that needed to be done in the office can now be used for plan reviews or other critical work.”


Pine inspectors can now run reports on permitting types at the click of a button, and their officers use Comcate’s follow-up lists to easily keep track of scheduled inspections. By moving away from paper files, Pine has significantly reduced the amount of time they spend looking for archived materials when working on a project. Comcate helped to transform Pine’s old, paper based and labor intensive operational model to a more streamlined and effective workflow, allowing officers to be more efficient and generate more revenue for their department.


This is one of many success stories highlighting how municipalities are leveraging Comcate technology to more efficiently process inspections and permits, and also provide a higher level of service to their citizens and more visibility to city management.

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