• Posted On: May 26, 2015

Building Safety Month Promotes Awareness on Building Code Enforcement

Instituted by the International Code Council (ICC) 35 years ago, May is the official Building Safety Month. The goal is to increase understanding on the topic of building code safety and how it impacts public safety.

A Local Issue, a Global Issue

There are 57,000 ICC members across the globe and this month they are partnering with building designers, construction professionals, government agencies and private organizations to raise awareness about this important public issue. The recent tragedy in Nepal only underlines the strategic value of public discourse on the subject of building code establishment and enforcement.
The ICC has spent three and a half decades highlighting the forward progress made in building safer and more affordable homes and buildings. Just because a city or town was up-to-date five years ago, doesn’t mean that they are taking advantage of the latest advances in construction safety. It’s a constantly evolving standard. Furthermore, just because a building was up to code when first constructed, doesn’t mean that the property managers are adhering to policy. Enforcement efforts are needed.

Readiness Takes Commitment

Structures are more disaster-resistant when communities adopt and enforce building code guidelines that incorporate the newest safety measures. When structures build to code encounter severe weather, natural disaster, fire or other stressors, they are better able to safely withstand the impact. That means more people are kept safe. It also means fewer community dollars must go toward rebuilding and repair. It is an issue that concerns everyone.

For the 2015 observance the month-long theme will be Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes. Each of the four weeks during May emphasize a different aspect of building code preparedness.

As a local government representative there are many ways that you can promote building code awareness in May. You could offer to give a talk on building code safety at a school. You can write an informative press release for print or radio. Offer to appear on local television stations to discuss the subject. Be on hand at a do-it-yourself store to hand out information about building safety.

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