• Posted On: December 26, 2014

Permitting and inspections can create backlogs and bottlenecks in any government agency. When your inspectors are out in the field doing inspections, paperwork can get piled up on desks. When its time to find a file and update it, searching which desk or cabinet in which it is located can turn into a major search.

For many municipalities, managing permitting and inspections is a major challenge. Government agencies struggle to keep up with the number of safety issues they need to address, but budgets and inefficient processes often result in significant delays.

This was the case in Massachusetts, where the backlog on elevator inspections was creating a stir. When auditors found that 14,000 elevators, or 36 percent of elevators, were operating with an expired inspection certificate, the Department of Public Safety pushed back and countered with their own estimate of about 20 percent of expired inspection certificates.

Of course, both the auditors for Massachusetts and the Department of Public Safety do not want even one elevator to have an expired inspection certificate, but inspections take time, money and trained inspectors.

The Department of Public Safety is the entity charged with protecting the safety of your citizens and must prioritize permitting and inspections in order to keep the public safe. However, keeping up with the demand for these procedures can be challenging. Municipalities and state governments are often forced to try to keep up with permitting and inspections demand while dealing with budget cuts.

In the case of Massachusetts, as with any government trying to make improvements to processes while cutting costs, there was solution found in a technological advancement. Many state and local governments are finding that with an investment in new systems to track and process cases, there is a quick return.

Technology is now available that allows your agency to record, track and update your permitting and inspection cases efficiently. These technologies also encourage the engagement of your citizens with mobile apps that allow them to report cases and attach pictures of permitting and inspection concerns.

The use of a mobile-based program can change everything about the way your agency operates. There is a significant reduction in paper, because each case is updated across all personnel and automatic updates and prompts for action are created. In addition, field inspectors are able to access records and information from a tablet, allowing them to remain in the field instead of tackling files in an office.

If your agency is drowning in permitting and inspections, give Comcate a call. We can help you streamline your case management process, reduce costs and eliminate bottlenecks. When you implement Comcate’s Permitting and Inspections solution, you have the tools you need to keep your citizens safe and promote citizen engagement, resulting in a community where the government and citizens work together.

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