• Posted On: November 24, 2015

GIS Solutions Provide Greater Insight and Easy Evaluation

The services that your citizens rely on most often for their everyday living are provided through the local government. Figuring out how to provide top shelf services with a bottom-rung budget is one of the major challenges facing city leaders. Many times the gap between financed manpower and public demand for services is bridged via technology. GIS Solutions are just one example of how technology can help the public servants you can afford deliver the greatest amount and quality of service.

Cities are Going Digital

Government Technology magazine recently conducted a survey of cities with 50,000 – 1 million plus residents to find out how local governments are using technology to improve performance across their various departments. The survey revealed that cities of all sizes are harnessing software to boost their ability to meet citizen needs.

Cities are Becoming More Transparent

One of the hottest trends is using technology tools in order to provide greater transparency with taxpayers. Legislation has passed all across the country over the past five years which requires government to allow more open access to departmental data. Software makes compliance with this demand far less cumbersome and presents information in a way that people can readily understand. It’s a win-win for all concerned.

Software Solutions Help Everyone

A simple example of this might be graffiti abatement. Citizens who want to know how actively their government is dealing with this issue can enter through the public portal and access up-to-the-moment information on where agents have been, how often they’ve been and what actions have been taken. Software tools allow agents to enter the information one time as they carry out their duty and the data is then immediately distributed to various stakeholder sites. This makes less work for the agent and provides greater insight to all interested parties.

When you combine the tool with GIS solutions (geographic information system) citizens are able to see at a glance the exact addresses and pertinent information by street address. If they want to know what’s being done in their own neighborhood, the GIS solutions work like a map with push-pins to show precisely where the government has been actively dealing with graffiti. Click on the address and you can see just what is being done at that location.

GIS solutions can partner with all kinds of government-related software tools (think animal control, code enforcement, inspections and so on) to provide rich data that is instantly recorded and readily accessible. Digital technology enables fewer agents to get more work done in a day while still providing accurate footprints for the public. It’s a great way for cash-strapped municipalities to maintain citizen satisfaction or even build a case for more funding.

If you’re interested in finding out how software tools, including GIS solutions might improve your city, contact Comcate today. We offer a full menu of technology tools to improve government performance. Let us help you.

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