• Posted On: January 16, 2015

Every community has rules and laws to follow. Police officers and the court system enforce many of those, but they can’t cover all the bases and that is where code enforcement officers come in. These officers are really the eyes and arms of local government to ensure that safety regulations and health standards are upheld. Without them, buildings would be less safe, health regulations would be violated and many other public protections would likely disappear.

Workflow as a Budget-Saving Device
Sending out a crew of trained code enforcement officers costs money – something that many local governments find in short supply. Since construction sites still need to be inspected and waste disposal still needs to be monitored and, in certain areas, even water usage needs to be ascertained, what’s needed is a way to help these community servants work more effectively and efficiently. The same workflow dynamics that can improve the bottom line inside the business office can be brought to bear on government duties that take place out in the community at large.

The answer to maintaining high community standards without having to strain the budget by hiring more personnel is to empower the officers already in place to do more each and every workday. Improved efficiency will allow you to meet community demands while at the same time boosting the morale of current code enforcement officers. It’s all about giving them the right tools to do their job.

Technology to Improve Productivity
Technology can’t replace your officers, but it can improve their performance. Code enforcement software loaded onto a device small enough to carry along on site visits can drastically cut down on paper in the system. It will eliminate the need to make trips to the office in order to generate notifications, develop and file photos and more. Every function can be handled in the field and filed according to case and date. In many cases, using this tool has expedited the collection of fines because communication with the court is improved.

By allowing these public servants to remain out in the field doing the work of observing, reporting, advising and notifying, you help them to be where they are needed rather than behind a desk. Rather than spending money to pay for someone to handle the paperwork. You can direct those funds to a person out in the community.

At Comcate we are a technology company devoted to harnessing the power of technology to serve the needs of communities. Our code enforcement suite is just one example of how we are helping those responsible for the public good fulfill their roles more effectively while saving taxpayer dollars. Check out how our code enforcement software could improve public satisfaction while saving your bottom line.

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