• Posted On: December 30, 2019

A New Year is the perfect time for setting new goals. What better goal for public agencies than to improve their effectiveness 2020? Comcate’s new solutions, Code Manager, Animal Control Manager and Abandoned Vehicle Manager, make agencies efficient. Want to learn more? Read on!

One of our client’s favorite ways to use Comcate is on mobile devices. Code management cases can be worked on from both the field and office with tools to track notifications and responses right at the user’s fingertips. By giving staff easy access to the information, cases move from open to closed in a snap!

Comcate’s solutions allow users to quickly generate reports. Reports can be created in just a few clicks of a button. The history of each case is stored within the system’s database. Code Manager, Animal Control Manager and Abandoned Vehicle Manager, can access information to create reliable, up-to-date reports.

Comcate’s easy-to-use solutions can be used by staff at all levels. Our client managers like that they can track staff time, the number of cases closed, and assign new cases with ease. This allows for managers to put their attention where it is needed most.

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