• Posted On: November 03, 2015

3 Tips to Improved Code Enforcement Government-Citizen Relationships

Citizens are keenly aware of the growing number of demands government places upon them, but rarely feel like a valued customer who is on the receiving end of important services. But if you have been privileged with a position of community leadership, you know how integral regulations and code enforcement are to the safe and smooth flow of everyday life for citizens. You need a way to help citizens realize the benefits of regulation, have a say in what regulations are imposed and see how well they are enforced.

The trick is to change the relationship from one where one party feels combative toward the other and restore an atmosphere of public service. This will take some clearly defined actions in order to become reality, but it is possible. Many communities across the nation are experiencing improved government-citizen relationships.

Courtesy is Still King

One way to better citizen relations is to encourage courtesy among code enforcement agents. This should be a matter of regular training and a common theme in department discussions. Code enforcement is not merely a job with a paycheck, it is a public trust and agents are public servants.

Responsiveness is Valuable

It’s hard to stay mad at a government who demonstrates interest in your concerns. When officers show up in a timely way, it shows that citizens are valued customers. This can be tough when budgetary constraints mean you must get more done with less manpower. That’s when you look for tools to help the code enforcement agents you have get more done in a day. Helping them do their job well and efficiently is an investment in citizen relations that will pay off in the long run.

Transparency is Disarming

Many citizens feel as though government collects money and imposes regulations but is unanswerable to the public. You can change that attitude by becoming more transparent. Transparency happens when you invite citizens to public forums so that you can hear what concerns they have and can educate them on what you’re doing to meet those concerns on a daily basis. Surveys help. Your quick response to citizen complaints and questions also reflects a transparent posture.

Citizens and government don’t have to be at odds. It can be a successful partnership if you handle the relationship well. Your code enforcement agents need up-to-date tools to help them provide the excellent service citizens expect. At Comcate we can put those tools in your hands. Our Code Enforcement software helps agents to get more done in less time and with greater accuracy. If you’re serious about improving your relationship with the public, empowering agents to be more responsive is a step in the right direction. Contact us and learn how our software has helped communities from coast to coast work together more effectively.

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