• Posted On: March 09, 2015

Trust in government comes with transparency. Local governments that can make themselves more visible via offering quick and efficient transference of open public records to those who request them can achieve a greater level of trust. It’s more than just about trust though; having a method through which public records can be accessed can assist communities in social benefits, reducing crime and improving the democratic process.

Many facets of the average American life can be impacted by open public records, which is why Sunshine laws are so strictly adhered to in all 50 states.

Public records are a big part of the financial processes that impact the economy. For instance, they offer important information about consumers’ credit health and shed light on bankruptcy data that can influence how future creditors approach applicants. Loan verification processes rely heavily on this information, which helps to keep costs low for people who are credit-worthy and count on loans and financing to get through their daily lives, either as consumers, homeowners or businessmen and women.

Account verification services rely on records open to the public to allow billions of dollars in commerce to occur every year. They help protect consumers from identity theft and keep fraudulent activity in check. Just as important, they improve the rate at which we are able to make transfers from our accounts to our creditors.

Job applicants, service providers, consumers, businesses and protection groups aimed at keeping consumers safe all rely on information that is public to keep their processes running smoothly. Do you want to ensure that your doctor, lawyer, nurse, electrician and cosmetologist have the training needed for their profession? You can with public records. In fact, most professions require some type of training that is verified through a public records search.

Public records, which help marketers do their jobs (even telemarketers), help to keep prices lower on consumer goods. Companies rely on this to find their target audience and get materials out to them. Without the records, they would spend a much larger amount of money in an effort to find you. When you buy a product, you’re also paying for everything that went in to getting product to you, including marketing.

When it comes to your local government, records that are public are just as important in operating a community as they are to businesses marketing to their target audience. Without an efficient method by which these records can be released to the public, everyone suffers.

Comcate has developed a software solution that takes the pain out of public records requests. For departments that are bogged down in requests, Comcate’s solution has helped communities just like yours wipe out the backlog of information requests, leading to cost savings, trust and more efficiently run communities.

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