• Posted On: October 20, 2015

Citizen Engagement is an Invaluable Part of Setting and Achieving Government Goals

In case you haven’t noticed it’s a “brave new world” out there for community leaders. Brave and new in terms of providing greater transparency and inviting increased citizen engagement. These are two key ingredients to successful governance in this brave new world in which we live.

Bravely Transparent

It takes some bravery for government to become more transparent with the public, but communities which have done so have reaped significant benefits. You can build the trust of your residents to greater heights by finding ways to be more open with your community.

New Efforts Toward Better Citizen Engagement

An article which recently appeared in Governing highlighted how three local governments (Palo Alto, CA; Decatur GA; Hampton, VA) decided to boost transparency and more actively recruit citizen engagement. One municipality created online databases where citizens could see for themselves how various departments were functioning within the community. You don’t need to spend huge dollars on public education campaigns when you make the information available to anyone, anytime. The program has been so successful that the city plans to expand the online database sharing.

The New Method is Working

Two other cities put efforts into strengthening citizen engagement. These leaders asked community members how best to improve government-citizen communication and then used those channels to get input about city planning decisions and budgeting. Residents responded so positively that one community reached all its 10 year goals ahead of schedule. In Virginia, citizens showed up online, on the other end of phone polling and in forum venues to become better informed and to share their views and ideas. In Georgia, literally thousands of citizens accessed the city’s web portal in order to be part of the long-range planning process.

Citizens want and expect a voice in government. They also want government transparency. If you can provide those key components, you can enjoy more successful governing. Transparency and input translate into trust. At Comcate we want to help you connect better with the community members you serve. Our tools help you perform better so that you can be proud to give residents a clearer view of what is taking place under your watch.

Our eFeedback Manager is a great way to improve your two-way communication between service providers and constituents. With our eFeedback tool you can provide easily-accessed online answers to FAQs, readily post updated information on topics of public interest and consolidate all consumer/government interactions regardless of the channel. To bump up the power, pair our eFeedback tool with the GIS module and realize even greater results. The brave new world is here. You should be part of it. With Comcate, you can be.

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