• Posted On: August 11, 2015

Proactive Rental Inspection Becomes Easier With the Proper Tools

As a municipal leader you already know that keeping properties in safe and attractive condition is good for your community as a whole. Well-maintained housing protects property values and therefore tax revenue. Quality housing also contributes to a positive community atmosphere and city-wide business development, not to mention the welfare of individual residents. Rental properties represent perhaps the most at-risk properties in terms of upkeep, which is why your attention to rental inspection is vital.

Health Risks

Substandard housing can be the fount of several dangers. Ignored properties can create a new health problem or worsen an already existing one. Mold, for instance, can exacerbate respiratory issues like asthma. Experts say that close to 40 percent of all cases of childhood asthma can be traced to airborne pathogens inside the home. Lead exposure from peeling paint and paint dust particles are the chief source of lead poisoning among U.S. children.

Injury Risks

Kids aren’t the only ones at risk. Household injury accounts for many hospital visits each year and tens of thousands of overnight hospital stays. Elderly residents are particularly at risk. Regular rental inspection visits by your code enforcement officers can limit many of these hazards which tend to most affect the very young and the very old.

Proactive Versus Reactive

Too often, busy municipalities wait until a complaint is lodged before sending a building code agent out to make a formal examination for safety and code compliance. Scheduling rental properties for timely inspections will go far toward preventing the host of problems associated with substandard housing.


Your vigilance in the matter of building inspection and code enforcement will protect the elderly, the poor and the immigrant population from the dangers of poorly maintained housing. These are the residents who are afraid to call and complain lest they lose their home or experience a rent increase. You break the cycle of waiting for complaints when you arrange for proactive property inspections.

Meeting the Challenge

The challenge, admittedly, is how to get in all the inspections your city requires. Between new construction, renovations and rental property, the schedule can be demanding. And, few communities have funds available to hire added code enforcement agents. What you need is a way to enable the officers you have to work more efficiently. To empower them to get more done in a more productive manner.

At Comcate, we’ve been behind your desk. We understand the competing demands you must balance. We also know that with the right tools, your officers can schedule site visits according to the fastest route, make all notations, warnings, reports and documentation right on the property and realize faster results whether from property owners or the courts. We invite you to visit our website and read testimonials from other civic leaders just like you who’ve experienced the benefits of our code enforcement software. See how our tools can help you become proactive rather than reactive in matters of building safety.

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