• Posted On: September 22, 2015

Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction With Your Public Works Processes

Businesses know the importance of customer experience. Creating a positive customer experience is a vital part of continued growth and successful branding. Many local governments see the value of creating a positive customer experience. Wherever government and citizens interact – at the DMV, through public works, online, etc. – there are ways to improve the experience and therefore, customer satisfaction.

Citizen Frustrations

Recent surveys reveal that people are dissatisfied with many government interactions. Websites are hard to navigate. Phone calls feel like a run-around with each party passing the caller along to someone else. Without change, the government brand will not be positive among the citizens.

The good news is that state and local governments can do a lot to change the status quo. But in order to be truly citizen-focused, governments must first identify specific areas of public frustration. Each department needs to learn what the number one area of user dissatisfaction may be. You’ll never eliminate all irritations, but responding to glaring concerns will go a long way toward improving experiences and enhancing your “brand”.

Simple Solutions

You may find that staff training on phone etiquette is valuable for some departments. One local government found that the public needed help seeing where tax dollars were being put to use. A public education campaign on tax-funded services led to a significant satisfaction ratings boost. Even the issue of responsiveness can be addressed relatively painlessly.

In your public works department, software and mobile citizen applications can work together to improve government responsiveness and a sense of citizen empowerment. This can occur in other government departments in your community as well. Let citizens know they can download an app that will allow them to photo unsightly graffiti, abandoned cars, rundown properties or instances of animal neglect rather than have to make a time-consuming and seemingly unproductive phone call. Some governments have made it possible for citizens to apply for fishing licenses via mobile access (rather than come into an office) or have adapted website pages to fit mobile phones.

Improvement is Achievable

The goal is to improve the citizen interactions and let the public “see” that you care about addressing their concerns. Targeted politeness training, public education, website improvements and citizen mobile access apps are ways to deliver a better user experience. At Comcate we’ve created a menu of software tools specifically for government services. Our public works tools are just one example of the ways we can help you do your job better while improving the citizen experience. If you’re looking for help with customer satisfaction, we invite you to call us today. We have the solutions that can help you improve the experiences you have with the citizens in your community.

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