• Posted On: July 14, 2014

As a building inspector you offer a valuable service to communities, but you are often hampered by workflow issues due to a lack of technology. As a building inspector you will monitor and inspect facilities and construction projects to make sure everything is within compliance. You also ensure that the proper documentation is in place and work with major mechanical, civil, electrical and many other industry-specific contractors to keep everything flowing in a compliant and safe way.

Many building inspections involve you acting as the liaison between the contractors and the municipality. You maintain all the documentation, which can be a burdensome task, especially if you are using Excel spreadsheets and notepads to keep tabs on everything.

Most building inspectors will maintain daily logs and supplement them with photographs of ongoing projects. While this might be an acceptable work process for many municipalities, it’s hardly efficient, especially given the fact that the time it takes to turn them into digital copies that can be distributed to team members adds yet another task to an already full workload.

A better solution is to implement a software solution that puts city employees, including building inspectors, in touch with streamlining abilities that rely almost completely on digital processes – not paper. Every note, every photo and every step of the inspection process is documented and uploaded for all to see/follow. When you adopt a solution that resides in the cloud, there is no maintenance for municipal IT staff to hassle with. A cloud-based solution requires no updating unless it’s on the vendor’s end, which means there is no more expensive annual renewing of licenses.

Cloud-based software solutions assist in streamlining inspections and simplifying the process. Furthermore, they can provide better access to follow-ups and details about cases in the system, at anytime from anywhere. With a cloud-based solution, as long as you have a mobile device and access to the Internet, you’re always connected to the data. Depending on the solution, you might also be able to create new cases from the field, print reports and update citizens about the progress on cases they helped generate.

The best solutions include GIS integration, which means as the building inspector you can take a specific issue and pinpoint it with your GIS system within your tablet computer or smartphone. You then can add it to the case so everyone on the team knows exactly where an issue exists. You can also add photographs to cases that give a complete representation of what’s going on with a specific inspection.

Comcate is a company that is founded on a principle that government should run more efficiently. We’ve created permitting and inspection solutions for building inspectors so that you might more accurately and efficiently carry out your day-to-day duties. These solutions also extend to the public who can stay updated on various governmental processes in which they have an interest. Contact us today and find out how our solutions can streamline your approach to building inspections.

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