• Posted On: February 15, 2017

The House Bill 422 law that passed in Kentucky last April is making significant changes for the state’s overall code enforcement effectiveness and influence. This reform will impact those municipalities and the technology needed and being used today. The bill consolidates code enforcement provisions & extends lien priority provisions.



Some of the key benefits of this consolidated approach include expansion of Code Enforcement Board authority, increased efficiency and streamlining of enforcement activities, and makes it easier to eliminate blight & execute on community improvement projects


How Can You Prepare?

The Public Notification Manager portal from Comcate is designed to handle the registration and lienholder notification requirements of HB 422. It seamlessly integrates with the Code Enforcement Manager software in order to capture the relevant information needed for public notification. Components of the Comcate Code Enforcement Program include:

-Registry for Individuals & Entities to Receive Notifications

-Electronic Notification System for Registered Parties

-Portal for Viewing of Final Orders

-Mobile Code Enforcement Manager for Processing of CE Cases

-Citizen Engagement Tools


Why Comcate is the Right Choice for Your Municipality?

Code enforcement departments and boards throughout the country depend on Comcate on a daily basis to solve problems in their communities.  With more than 30,000 active users, and over 300 implementations for agencies, Comcate understands the needs of staff.  We’ve designed citizen engagement and workflow management solutions with these needs in mind, and offer software that allows agencies to interact with their citizens, officers to spend more time in the field, automates routine tasks, and makes staying on top of follow-up activities easy.
Contact us for a brief discussion so that we can get an understanding of your specific goals, and identify how best we can bring value to your municipality through our programs and expertise. To learn more about Comcate’s Public Notification Manager, click here. 

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