• Posted On: December 22, 2020

The City of Lancaster, CA’s award-winning communications team recently added a drone to its arsenal of storytelling tools. But before the team could take their first flight they had to put the processes in place to comply with FAA regulations. The penalty for not closely following the FAA’s rules is $20,000 per non-compliant flight.

The communications team turned to City of Lancaster IT manager, Timika Hite, for help logging their drone flights. Timika in turn, turned to Comate to help develop a module that could be added to Comcate’s Citizen Request Management (CRM) tool.

The City of Lancaster’s communication team uses drone footage to tell a story of resilience in the time of COVID-19.

“I hopped on a call with Kolten, my Comcate contact, to explain what I wanted to do and within two months we had an operational solution. From my experience, that’s really fast!” said Hite.

“It’s always a privilege working with the City of Lancaster. Timika and her team are responsive, thoughtful, and always focused on the task at hand. Their commitment to service is inspiring,” shared Kolten Keeney, Comcate’s Director of Client Success.

The city also plans on using their drone for code enforcement and public works inspections. “The City of Lancaster covers 96 square miles and it’s a lot easier to send out a drone to inspect a newly striped section of road or to see if tall grass has been taken care rather than sending out staff.

It’s also safer for code enforcement staff to use the drone. In the past, the sheriff needed to be called in when staff had to conduct certain inspections. This is much easier,” explained Hite.

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