• Posted On: January 06, 2015

From state to state, every community and its citizens have their own set of basic needs and desires. They expect the world around them to be a certain way, especially when it comes to safety practices and the way that hazardous issues are handled citywide. Across the board, citizens want to live in a clean, safe environment where they can be proud to walk down the streets of their city. For some people living in Los Angeles, especially those in the eastern most parts of the city, these basic demands are not being met, most tellingly, when it comes to building inspections.

This area of L.A. has seen the longest lag in the handling of its code enforcement complaints, as almost a quarter of them aren’t dealt with for several months. Even worse, nearly 20 percent of building inspection inquiries and code enforcement complaints are not even responded to within the 90 days following the complaint being made. The amount of individualized examples of this issue are overwhelming, one of the most notable coming out of Highland Park. In this L.A. region, it took building inspectors just over a year to respond to a complaint that the city received about illegal construction that was taking place on Planada Avenue. It was sadly assumed by the man who filed the claim, and those closest to him in the community, that nothing was going to be done in regards to the issue, until finally, proper building inspections were performed.

The sheer level of this issue in the L.A. area is daunting, as serious complaints, like the garages presumably turned into homes in the Boyle Heights part of town, seem to go unnoticed and unhandled for many months, if not a year or more. The truth of the matter is that every resident of a city, no matter what city they live in, has the same rights to equal and lawful service, and the fact that citizens are crying out for help and are very slowly receiving it is a real downfall for L.A. building inspectors and city officials.

Hazardous issues are usually handled first, as necessary building inspections on cases like these are generally carried out within three days. In the Eastern part of the city though, complaints, some even registering at a potentially hazardous or dangerous level, take much longer to be responded to. Oddly enough, response times fluctuate a lot from neighborhood to neighborhood, which residents are not happy with.

At Comcate we are there when you need to improve the way that building inspections are done in your area. We have permitting and inspection solutions for building inspectors so that efficiency in follow through with these issues can be improved. These solutions also improve communication with citizens who can stay updated on building issue complaints. We have been serving communities like yours for many years and we help building inspectors do their jobs better and in a more timely fashion, which can do a lot of good for Los Angeles residents as well as communities across the country.

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