• Posted On: March 31, 2015

Every year spring witnesses more animal control calls as the weather warms up and animals are out in the open more. This means calls about raccoons pilfering the neighborhood garbage cans or wild animals walking around on or destroying property. Animal control officers also must deal with problems like feral cats, abandoned or neglected dogs and other pet-related problems. Rodent control issues, illegal pets and cases of abused animals are also regularly reported.

The trouble is that during a season when calls for animal control help can be expected to be on the rise, many city budgets are on the decline. There simply aren’t enough funds to dedicate to the animal control problem. When city government must choose between more law enforcement or fire protection and adding animal control staff, they put human concerns ahead of animal concerns.

This leaves many animal control departments stretched woefully thin. Some outlying areas may not even be assigned animal control support. Citizens rarely think in terms of budgeting when making a concerned call to authorities. Instead, they typically make judgments based solely upon responsiveness. Thus, if local government is to maintain the public trust and goodwill, they need to find a way to help the few animal control officers already on board get more done.

It’s true that police and fire fighters can and do lend support when possible, but depending upon where they are located, these first responders may not be able to do double duty. A more logical answer is to give animal control officers the tools to help them expedite their caseloads and work more efficiently. Because keeping up with animal control demand can be taxing for many municipalities, there are specially designed solutions that can help agents stay responsive.

Animal control solutions can help officers organize information according to citizen requests or law enforcement initiated actions. It’s a simple matter to track which animals and even which breeds are the object of calls to animal control. Geo-location and mapping tools can reveal where there are frequent problems or areas of growing need. These reporting tools provide the data needed when the government goes to the public with requests for extra funding.

Workflow and time management tools are part of our animal control solution. At Comcate we’ve been designing software to serve the needs of government and civic organizations for years. We understand the needs and create tools to address those needs. We have helped cities across the country perform better and more efficiently and we know we can help your community as well. Spring is here. The calls will be pouring in. Make a call to us and find out how Comcate can help you provide a more responsive and robust animal control service to the town where you live.

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