• Posted On: January 23, 2015

The ways that technology can be used to improve the lives and safety of individuals has changed drastically over the years. Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the technology advancements that is now available to assist communities in keeping citizens safe and to improve services within a community.

GIS solutions can provide detailed information and visuals on every address within a community. The technology provides pertinent information that can be accessed by public servants to help them better perform their duties. Information such as building blueprints, location of property lines, water sources, gas lines and more could aid firefighters, police or SWAT teams, even government appraisers and contractors.

For example, when a 911 call comes into the fire station, firefighters can begin collecting critical information as they rush to the site. Before they arrive they can locate fire hydrants and know where potential dangers exist. They can even assess the risk to neighboring buildings before they arrive. In the event of a partial building collapse rescuers know where hidden rooms or escape routes are located. GIS solutions can provide helpful information such as sheriff or police districts or emergency medical services in an affected area. Combined with visual technology they could see photos of the site prior to fire damage.

It’s easy to imagine how law enforcement could use this information to enhance responses to hostage or barricade situations. Better upfront information could mean improved safety for those inside a building as well as for the rescue officers.

GIS solutions aren’t only designed to help out in emergency situations however. The technology is an everyday workhorse that can improve efficiency across a range of public services. Property value assessment wouldn’t necessarily require driving to the locale if visuals offer a view of all sides of existing structures. City contractors could make bids on work based on the information provided which is accurate down to determining the size of a home patio.

The solutions also pair nicely with citizen reporting applications. In this case, citizens have an easy way to report minor infractions around town directly to the agencies responsible. The GIS solutions take over to let responders know all the appropriate information such as who owns the property, where the property is located and what other issues have been associated with the property. These immediate information links mean that municipal authorities can respond more swiftly and preparedly to citizen complaints. That cuts the cost of government and boosts the satisfaction level of area residents.

We at Comcate believe that technology has tremendous potential for serving the public good. We are about offering communities technological tools that will help them make their homes, businesses and public spaces cleaner, safer and healthier places to live and work. By helping municipalities perform better and by improving citizen to government communication we are helping to improve communities from shore to shore. Contact us soon and find out how GIS solutions could improve the way your community operates.

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