• Posted On: September 20, 2016

Empowering Communities Through GIS Solutions

Today the majority of citizens in your community are utilizing their GIS-enabled phones to their advantage. GIS solutions affect any number of industries in very specific ways, but for municipalities, like yours, they’re helping engage citizens in a positive way, both for the community and for the departments using them.

Take Fort Lauderdale, FL as an example. It’s an area that is hit by tropical storms often, causing hazards and damage far and wide. The city managers there are working with GIS technology to look into past disasters while also reacting to current issues, but most importantly, they’re making plans for the future that will lessen the impact of major storms that affect sea levels.

Fort Lauderdale is known for its beaches, but there must also be a great deal of attention paid to the entire local infrastructure, as tourism is a major contributor to the economy. This community is using GIS solutions for customer service issues, especially in off-loading non-emergency calls during turbulent times when the most dire of situations need to be routed to 911. They’re also using GIS solutions for storm water master planning.
Evacuation routes have vastly improved given the GIS system city officials are using to manage data and map the best routes to safety when floods occur.

The most effective communities are engaging their citizens to be part of the solution to problems occurring in the city. In fact, most local governments are looking to technology to assist them in engaging citizens more readily, and GIS solutions can be a part of that.

At Comcate, we are engaged in empowering communities and citizens through technology, through our engagement tool 311/CRM. Part of the tool includes eFeedbackManager Enterprise Edition (eFM), which is a request tracking tool that allows clients to capture, route and manage all forms of requests. These requests can be internal, external and via multiple communication channels, which means all the bases are covered.

When clients connect with 311/CRM, they gain access to a fully customizable solution that helps them to automate workflow management and streamline operations. The solution also comes with reporting features that are customizable. They also gain a solution that is citizen-facing through an app that relies on GIS-enabled smartphones and tablet computers. For instance, if a citizen wants to report an abandoned car in their neighborhood, they simply get into the app, create a report, mark the coordinates on the map and send it off to the government agency. They can do this with any issue they’re having and receive updates on their case.

We’ve thought of just about everything when it comes to assisting our clients with case management. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your community reach its goals.

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