• Posted On: March 02, 2020

Cities across America strive to have an effective and efficient team of code enforcement officers. After all, when code enforcement departments operate at their best, cities thrive. Comcate’s Code Manager is just the solution to help your agency. To learn more about how Code Manager gets your team to perform more effectively than ever before, read on! 

Auto-Populate Owner and Parcel Information

One of the most time-consuming aspects of opening a new case is looking up the owner and parcel information associated with the property. Code Manager allows officers to bypass these time-wasting steps and automatically populates owner and parcel information when officers enter the case address. By giving officers a tool that auto-populates these fields, it allows officers to streamline the process of opening cases.

Manage Multiple Comply by Dates

One challenge for code enforcement officers face is managing multiple comply by dates, which often exist in a single case. Juggling the comply by dates for each violation can be a challenge, and no one wants to let a deadline slip by unnoticed. Code Manager manages comply by dates giving officers notifications of upcoming or overdue compliance dates. On an agency basis, this feature ensures that violation types are followed up and addressed promptly.

Plan and Prepare for Seasonal Challenges

As seasons change, the violations that cities face change as well. Different regions experience different seasonal violations from overgrown weeds in the spring and summer to snow pile up in the winter. Code Manager lets agencies stay ahead of these violations by allowing agencies to create reports targeting specific seasons. By giving officers an idea of when violations occur, it lets them plan in advance for sweeps and lets them be even more efficient.

Flag Problem Addresses

Officers performing an inspection can be surprised by various elements that appear at the property. This can be both unnerving and unproductive for officers in the field. Code Manager allows officers to flag problem addresses to identify issues that might impact future inspections. Address flags inform officers if there is an aggressive dog, irate property owner, or any other issue. This allows officers to prepare in advance so they can conduct their inspection quickly and safely.

An efficient and productive code enforcement department is the goal of every agency, and Comcate’s Code Manager is the solution cities are turning to. Want to learn how Code Manager can help your department perform at its best? Click here to schedule a demo today!

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