• Posted On: July 17, 2014

Building and safety managers are responsible for a variety of tasks that are vital to the safety and viability of a community. They oversee employee and visitor safety, building maintenance, environmental compliance issues, health and safety procedures related to properties within the community, just to name a few. With all of these tasks on their to-do list, a building inspection software checklist might be in order for a more efficient building code workflow.

When building and safety managers are organized, they can be a more trustworthy source of guidance for inspectors who spend their days in the field on a variety of cases, some of which involve buildings where safety hazards abound. Furthermore, when the workflow is better organized, inspectors can be more effective and offer more standardized services.

Building code workflow improvements can also help the entire team stay informed about the various cases on the schedule, any changes to assignments and immediate requirements that come up.

While inspectors are getting case after case piled on top of them, building code managers are busy coordinating department facility-related activities, developing plans for emergency evacuations, requesting specialized janitorial services, coordinating department facility-related activities and projects, turning off utilities when needed and delivering reports to the appropriate city staff when needed. Obviously, without proper planning software, problems can arise.

Another element that is important to consider is community residents. They have a vested interest in what you’re doing with regard to code enforcement in their neighborhoods, whether it’s an abandoned building inspection or weed abatement issues. All of these tasks have a specific department that oversees them, but all the community member cares about is that the case they filed with the city is getting some type of resolution. How can you properly keep them up to speed on the various events if you can barely manage your own workflow? In most cases the answer is – you don’t.

Your building inspection software checklist should include offering your building code managers and inspectors a mobile solution that allows them to plan more effectively and spend more time in the community doing their jobs. Do you currently have a reporting and workflow system that relies heavily on paper processes and Excel? If so, you’re in the same position as many municipalities. Getting up to date with technology and software can put you far ahead of where you are now.

With remote access to cases and code data, managers are better able to communicate with their inspectors, schedule other visits, push reports and update residents all at the same time. Customizable checklists can be built for every individual job.

When you get connected with Comcate solutions, you’re getting all of the perks mentioned above. Furthermore, residents can get involved with Comcate’s mobile solutions built for the citizen who wants to stay connected with the progress of the city. Even the everyday, smartphone-carrying citizen can tap into the GIS integration that comes with Comcate’s mobile solution. Contact us today and find out how to get started.

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