Comcate specializes in helping municipal departments become more efficient, engaging the help of citizens and streamlining ailing budgets. We offer solutions that can help you do all of these things, plus eliminate paper trails and break down bottlenecks.


Are you wondering whether Comcate might be a good fit for your public agency? Take a look at what we’ve been up to recently in several cities and see if these situations don’t sound a little like what you’ve been experiencing.


City of Indian Wells, California

Indian Wells, located in the Desert Resort area of California, prides itself on being a beautiful vacation spot, as well as a luxurious place for residents to call home. In a new level of partnering with Comcate, Indian Wells sought to increase the efficiency of their Code Enforcement system with a new GIS Enterprise solution. The new tools will allow Indian Wells inspectors to pre-populate local property owner information and result in better case management.


With its improved Code Enforcement capabilities, Indian Wells will be able to maintain the high quality appeal of the city for both visitors and residents.


Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach is known for King Harbor and beautiful beaches near Los Angeles, but it is making a name for itself in engaging its citizens, too. Redondo Beach recently added Comcate’s Citizen Mobile Access (CMA) to their eFeedback Manager citizen engagement solution. Using an Apple or Android smartphone, Redondo Beach residents can use the mobile app to report local issues and receive status updates on the issue they report.


Bell, California

Located in southeast Los Angeles county, Bell, California is a mid-sized suburb with a vibrant community. The city of Bell has now partnered with Comcate to implement the Code Enforcement Manager with GIS Enterprise. The goal is the use the solutions to empower their Code Enforcement staff with effective software that will improve efficiency with mobile capabilities. Inspectors will be able to update and record case information from the field promoting effective program reimbursement.


Borough of Baldwin, New York

The Borough of Baldwin is located in Nassau County, New York. In an effort to allow citizens to interact with the local government and report any issues, the Borough of Baldwin is now utilizing the eFM Citizen Engagement Solution, in addition to the Citizen Mobile App. The Borough of Baldwin hopes to improve tracking and reporting of local issues as a part of their goal of overall program improvement.


City of Minden, Nebraska

Also known as the Christmas City, the City of Minden, Nebraska has launched Comcate’s Code Enforcement as a way to improve the code department’s ability to record and provide updates using a technology solution that supports program reporting and measurement.


These cities are using solutions from Comcate that allow them to be more efficient and save money for their departments. If you want to streamline your operations and get your citizens more engaged, call Comcate today.

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