• Posted On: January 10, 2020

When agencies look to streamline their operations, workplace automation is one of the first, and most effective steps to take. Wondering how workflow automation can help you? Here’s the top five reasons Comcate’s clients love workflow automation.

1. Never Miss Another Deadline

We can all agree that missing a deadline because it got buried in your tasks is a terrible feeling. Automation can make missing critical deadlines is a thing of the past. You will be reminded of your upcoming deadlines with automated notices. At any time, you can easily preview upcoming priorities, by viewing your dashboard. This makes it easier to preemptively address conflicts and hurdles that might cause a missed deadline. After all, who wants that “Oh no!” feeling?

2. Create Notices and Permits in a Snap

Manually drafting notices and permits takes a lot of time out of an officer’s already busy day. Data needs to be pulled from case files and inserted into notices, which is both time consuming and error prone in a paper-based system. However, through automation, those time-consuming tasks take no time at all! Comcate solutions, such as Building & Safety Manager, pull the information needed from cases to automatically complete notices. It’s fast and efficient.

3. Ensure Case Data is Always Up to Date 

Officers working in the field need to  update cases when they return to the office. The case file is not up to date until the officer is able to do their updates. In a busy office, there are many priorities and demands that can delay the updating of the case. The case data is not accurate until this happens. In some cases, this delay is quite short, but at times it may be overlooked for days or maybe completely. This both takes time, and  automated workflows can eliminate this possibility. With Comcate, Officers can enter case information through their mobile devices while out on the job and it automatically updates in the agency’s database. This not only saves the officer time, but allows for data to be always accurate, all the time.

4. Department Management Made Easy

Department managers are busy people, from making sure their own duties are met, and that their staff is performing on task, it can be overwhelming. Comcate understands these needs and through their automated software, managers can easily monitor how their staff is performing, identify areas that might be overlooked, and stay on top of their own workload.

5. Generate Reports Instantly

A lot of agency staff dread reporting, and it’s easy to see why – digging through paper files or Excel spreadsheets to get the information is a long, frustrating process. Data may be stored inconsistently, and staff may need to confirm that all data is up to date and complete. Automated workflows store all the data related to cases in a central database. Data is always available and up to date.  Staff no longer needs to track down and verify data. They can just push a button to generate a report. Comcate’s systems provides over 25 accurate, unique reports with easy-to-use filters.

Want to learn more about how implementing an automated system can help your agency? Click here to learn more and see for yourself just how powerful an automated operating system can be. 

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