• Posted On: August 27, 2020

When a key employee leaves the organization, this can have a bigger impact on the staff and management left behind than may be initially realized.  This is especially true in smaller agencies where the employee may have been wearing multiple hats and is the only one with key information in certain areas.  Standard operating procedures, historical information of activities at certain locations, and contacts are kept in the head of the employee and not shared with other staff members or management.

Not only can management help with this issue by requiring SOPs be created, but staff members can also make a difference by:

  • Offering to document some tasks to help out the team if someone is backfilling when they are out of the office
  • Speak up to management if there is an area of the department that no one seems to understand much about and recommend standard operating procedures be created to help others learn
  • Collaborating with peers on how they can better work together by better understanding each other’s jobs including the processes they carry out on a daily basis

To address the problem of maintaining institutional knowledge, we support clients in the following manners:

  • SOPs – We provide sample best practices and document and configure the workflow tools to support the SOPs. This includes items like comply by dates, follow ups, and issuing letters and notices. 
  • Database of historical information – We help track historical and current activities in a cloud-based database for users to access at any time.
  • Training and sharing of information – We train staff as needed on the software to keep your processes aligned with how it will be used.

The following article summarizes practices to establish institutional knowledge to help you get started.  https://www.hpe.com/us/en/insights/articles/a-plea-for-institutional-knowledge-1806.html

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