• Posted On: June 05, 2020

As communities around the country deal with protests and riots, keeping citizens informed has become even more important.  Whether you need to alert citizens of curfews, request the help of citizens to report riots and looting, or provide access to FAQs, Comcate supports government agencies with our citizen engagement solution.

The citizen engagement application provides a way to allow your citizens to notify you when an issue needs to be addressed. This includes the ability to upload photos and tag the exact location, so staff will know where the problem exactly is.  Staff can then follow up on these items quickly and more efficiently.

In addition to citizens notifying you through the app, you can also notify them by sending emergency notifications through the account database. Keep your citizens safe and protected by having the latest information on situations going on in your community.

And once protest and riots die down, there will need to be inspections for damage completed.  These inspections can be easily tracked and managed in our Code Manager software.

Learn more on how our software solutions can help you through the protests and riots with a free 15 minute consultation.

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