• Posted On: December 23, 2014

A firefighter often identifies his workplace as the station where he spends a lot of time preparing for a call. He may have a desk, a bunk or a locker there and he may think of this station as the place he heads when he goes to work.

However, the firefighter’s workplace is much broader than that station he may think of as his second home. His workplace encompasses not only the fire station and the truck, but also the buildings he must enter to fight fires.

For your agency, it is important to get input from your firemen when creating new code enforcement standards. In many municipalities, code enforcement software is implemented without the involvement from firemen, and their lives are often dependent on how these changes are enforced.

A fireman does not need to be told that their lives are dependent upon how a building holds up to a fire threat. However, they may not realize how often code enforcement software is designed and implemented without their insight. Oftentimes, a set of codes and their implementation are managed by personnel who have never been on the scene of a fire or gotten the input of a fireman.

In turn, your agency should be sure that any code enforcement software you implement has been developed with the daily experiences of firemen and other public employees in mind. When you purchase a code enforcement software system, get your local firemen involved in the process to see if the software you are considering fits the real-life situations they see.

Implementation of a code enforcement software system can be lifesaving for firemen if the system is designed to protect their safety. In many local settings, code enforcement gets significantly backlogged because of the high level of attention needed by trained inspectors and the amount of paperwork that is involved.

However, with an intelligent code enforcement software system, your agency can eliminate the backlog and paper trail of code enforcement. New code enforcement software comes with mobile capabilities, which allows your trained inspectors to stay out in the field getting cases handled and updated.

The ability to update cases and schedule follow-ups from a mobile device eliminates bottlenecks that prevent code violations from being addressed. In turn, these efficiencies eliminate the backlog and allow your codes to be enforced in a timely manner. All of these steps work to keep your firemen safe.

Getting firemen interested in code enforcement can help your agency develop a code that keep them safe. When the right code enforcement software is chosen for your municipality, it keeps your firemen safe.

When you are considering code enforcement software, look no further than Comcate. We have code enforcement solutions that promote efficiency and protect your firemen in their workplace. Give us a call today to talk about how quick and easy implementation can be.

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